We believe every human being should have a wealthy and healthy life. And we know that helping nature is enough to give a peaceful life to insane people in the world.

We know, More than 3000 insane people are roaming on the roads in each metro cities approximately. They dont have maturity about this system, they can't think about themselves even. But, you know?, why those people are becoming insane, due to some mental preasure from their own premises, they get distrubed and becoming insane and they leave their premises along with their well beings to get relief from that mental preasure. but, after becoming insane, they don't know anything. To survive on the earth they will find some food on the roads or dustbins and they will keep roaming on the roads.

So we provide the financial resources and very safe environment to aid those candidates and then work through national and local systems - with doctors, philanthropists, government officials, and traditional authorities - to deliver them to their well beings. We do not set up parallel systems, or bring in workers from outside. Our programs are devised, managed, and monitored by the society and media, and our aashramam is staffed by nationals of our country.

Since 2010, Amma Nanna Anada Ashramam has changed over 200 insane people to their original personalities and supported them to help tackle poverty in their families.

What we do is

We find the Destitutes in each city of the Telangana & AP States. We take them to the nearest Police Station from the place where they found. We submit the FIR on their name and We brought them to our Organization. After bringing them to our Organization, first we clean them. Our Doctor periodically check our each and every inmmates and provides them the Medicines, If any inmates problem is severe, we send them to the Erragadda Mental Hospital to change them.

We have a Volunteer Doctor, Who checks our inmates periodically, All the police department in the Telangana & AP States gives their full support in bringing the Destitutes to our Organization. Medicines are also being donated by our Respected Regular Philanthropists.

As per now, we are having 400 inmaets in our Organization. It is very difficult to provide them the food. But, Many Kind hearted philanthripists are coming forward to celbrate their Birthdays, Marriage Days by donating one day food to all our Inmates through our Membership Program. No Center/State Government, Charity, NGO, Trust is helping for the functioning of our Organization from the last 7 years. Only with the Donations of the kind hearted philanthropists, this Organization is running.

  • We find these Destitutes in each city in Telangana & AP States.
  • We take them to nearest Police Station and we submit an FIR.
  • We bring them to our Organization, Clean Them, Provide Aid, Medication, Food until his recover.
  • We find their Actual Address & their family Details.
  • We send them to their families after recovery of his mental condition & health in the circumstances of Choutuppal Police Station.

Our Mission

We are helping the insane and needy people by giving aid along with lodging and bording in pure environment and transforming them by inspiring people throughtout the world to open their minds.

Our Vision

To implement sustainable programs that shape the future of insane people and creating a world where everyone has descent place to live.

Our Amma Nanna Anada Ashramam is located in a piece environment at Valigonda Road, Choutuppal. Where, our each and every inmates feels happy. That'swhat many people are changing to their own personalities very quickly.