About A Founder

Gattu Shankar is the Founder of this Amma Nanna Anada Ashramam.He is a native of Samsthan Narayanapur,Nalgonda District.His Father is Gattu Ramulu and Mother Muthamma.In 1994 He has gone to Mumbai to do Business.He came back to Hyderabad in 2005.He very passionate about our society from his childhood it self.When he was in childhood his brother got distrubed and his gone out of his home and died in 1990.In memory of his brother he established this organization in 2010.

Amma Nanna Anada Ashramam was invests in insane people in india where the insane people face acute disadvantage, and where their empowerment is now transforming communities. Since 2010, Amma Nanna Anaadha Aashramam's innovative helping programmes in whole Telangana & AP states have directly supported over 200 families to changing the insane people to normal human being and sending those completely changed persons to their own families, and many people have benefited from an improved environment.

Helping the Destitutes

Please join your helping hand to our Organization to provide justified lives to these Roadside Mentally Retarded Destitute Orphan People.

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