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Home is a Place Where your Soul Resides

Amma Nanna Anada Ashramam is obligated to build sound accomodation facilities for its inmates with every ease & sanity inducted. We take responsibility of giving them proper rooms so that they've good space to rest & relax and indulge in their works.

This project of ours aims at developing Buildings with the funds given by donors. They usually prefer to buy our inmates a proper space of land in terms of sq. ft. for their housing & staying reasons.

Building Construction Fund

Rs.2,000 Cost of 1 Sq. ft
Requesting all our kind donors to Donate Minimum of 10 Sq. ft. till we will reach to 1 Lakh Sq. ft.
05Sq. ft.
if you Donate Rs.10,000
10Sq. ft.
if you Donate Rs.20,000
20Sq. ft.
if you Donate Rs.40,000
40Sq. ft.
if you Donate Rs.80,000
50Sq. ft.
if you Donate Rs.1,00,000
100Sq. ft.
if you Donate Rs.2,00,000
500Sq. ft.
if you Donate Rs.10,00,000
1000Sq. ft.
if you Donate Rs.20,00,000
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