Adopt one of our Inmates - Let them survive

Amma Nanna Anada Ashramam is running with the small donations of Philanthropists like you. No State / Central Government / Organization / Institution is providing cash or kind for the functioning of the Organization. Some of the donors are extending their help towards our Organization by providing one day food to all of our inmates on their special occasion days through our Membership Program. As we are having 400 inmates in our Organization, we are not in a position to provide them the food. But, we are unable to see their situations on the roads. Because, They are totally Insane, Helpless, Mentally Ill, they can not even beg for their food, they eat waste from Road Dustbins, they drink drainage water, and they sleep on the Roads. They are unconscious about the society, they do not know their families, and they do not know their position even. Many people are dying on the roads without having proper food and proper health. So, we keep on bringing them to provide the Shelter, Food, Medication & Rehabilitation Facilities to change them as normal human beings.But, we are financially struggling alot to go ahead to extend our services to the Destitutes, We need a huge support from the Great Philanthropists like you to do this noble cause. Because, many helpless people are dying on the roads just because lack of food and proper health. We have to give them a hope.

Donation : Rs. 3,000/- (per inmate - per month) Adopt an Inmate

Our Present Inmates